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Why We Chose Steel Magnolia Tumblers Over Other Brands

Starting Out

When we first started I had no idea there were so many tumbler companies. Ozark, Yeti, Hogg, The Steel Magnolia, Swig, Corkcicle, Hydroflask, etc.

I started just using Ozark Trail because they were the easiest to get ahold of been as they are the walmart brand tumbler. Honestly I wasn't disappointed either. The quality was decent and it keeps the beverage hot/cold for a favorable length of time.

The only thing that bothered me was the brand marking on the side of the cup. Interrupted the flow of the design and honestly felt like an eyesore. The brand mark wasn't just etched on its actually molded into the steel so you can't hide it.

Then there was the lid. Some of you may think that isn't a big deal but I assure you to a lot of our customers and also to me, the type and functionality of the lid is a big deal. I personally hate alway open lids and lids that have poor fitting gaskets. I know right? Who has the time to sit around and test lids for their gasket leak quality? This girl. Right here.

Its important! I don't like my coffee spilling in my car due to a lid that sucks and I'm sure you don't either! So in the long run ozark did not meet my standards for our future cups.

The beloved Yeti

Don't get me wrong, I too got swept away when Yetis first came out. The style was so sleek and they were pricey which had to mean they were good, right?

I'm not saying they aren't by any means. Technically all Tumblers are similar when you get down to what they are meant to do. I have one Yeti that I had the potential to work with and will say it is a good tumbler. They are sturdy, keep the ice over to the next day and the lids are good quality.

My biggest issue is the price. A 20oz Yeti Rambler is $29.99 from the Yeti website. I'm sure there might be a way you could get bulk for a little cheaper but I doubt it would be by much. If I were to decorate a Yeti tumbler and list it on our page or have them at our shows the tumbler would cost at base price alone $52.00

I would have to say that is even the cheapest you would find someone doing a decorated yeti tumbler too. I have been on etsy and searched just to see how much they go for and I have seen $80+

So the reason I do not use Yeti as our standard tumblers is because I want my cups to be as affordable as I can make them while also not selling my work short. I do put a lot of work and love into every tumbler.

Hogg/Stainless Steel Depot

Also another great brand we have gone with in the past. Great customer service and deals mostly with small business tumbler makers like myself.

Woman owned small business based in the US

We switched from them mostly just due to price and design shape of tumblers.

The Steel Magnolia

Finally, the only one that could 'steel' our hearts. Haha. Tumbler puns.

They match all of our expectations. The customer service is top notch and they also do fun little holiday games with all of their customers!

They currently have competing prices and quality tumblers and two choices of lids. She owns four patents on her tumbler designs including one on the 20oz "Plump" that we carry.

Even if we do not have a tumbler in stock that you like we are always willing to order the tumbler in for you! The shipping from Steel Magnolia is usually extremely quick and comes in within a week!

Not to mention most of the tumblers that they offer are all within a very affordable price range and they offer kids water bottles, sippys and bottles. Most tumblers offer a twist on lid or push on lid as well!

If you see some cups that don't look like the rest that's because they are from an old batch of different suppliers we have tried and they just have not made it out of our stock yet.

At the end of the day...

It all boiled down to affordability for you the customer without forfeiting quality and dependability. We use these tumblers as our personal tumblers every day so you know we stand by them! If we fill our cups up with ice in the morning there will still be ice leftover the next day so these really have impressed us!

Don't let me tell you how great they are, test them out for yourself!

Happy Friday Peach Fam!


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