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Why do we do what we do?

Many of you know the story of how we met and how we decided to open a business. Many of you know we do this in our free time, in between stay-at-home parenting for Ashley, and work as a dental assistant for Jessie. While we have yet to pay ourselves from our business and are lucky enough to be a self-sustaining business that can be operated from our homes, and not have a huge upfront cost that comes with most new businesses.

We are a legal business

We knew this would take a while for us to grow, given the market and type of business we provide. We are okay with the fact that we haven't taken an actual paycheck from this yet. It's actually better for a business to wait until we clear a good profit in a year, and even then if you can wait it's even better for your business health, because of all the things that come into play when a general partnership starts to give out owners profit draws. We are lucky to be able to do this and not operate in the red, and drain our own personal assets.

This means we haven't paid ourselves

Yes, that's right! Jessie and I haven't paid ourselves from this yet, or in business terms for an LLC Partnership, take an owner's draw. It's actually normal for business owners to wait to pay themselves from their business until they have reached a good full year of profit margin, and we get close every year, but we decide to hold off for many reasons. The fact that we can do that and that our business is self-sustaining is such an amazing thing. Once we do, that requires a little bit of extra legal tax information and documentation. Our goal eventually is to get paid and let this become a steady source of income, however, we are only 3 years old, they say that 5 years is the goal for businesses to reach this point and we are well within that goal!

We want to create works of art that astound customers

We don't mind not paying ourselves, it would be nice, but our main joy is the fact that we get to create. We create art in various ways, and people show their love and support for our styles and we get all warm and fuzzy when our products make people. We get to create our HEARTS out, and people want that art. They support our talents which have told us that our work is worth it. We love the feeling when people want to own a part of our work. Each piece

literally holds a piece of our heart in it and we love getting to extend that to customers.

Each time we get an order we get a boost into our work. It's like a reassurance that what we do is worth it. There are times when it's hard, and we have to really push ourselves to keep going. That's why we have each other, and why we have the best customer and supporter base. We want to continue to make products and art that appeal to people.

Other ways to support us that are FREE

There are plenty of free ways that help support us that are free! This actually can be more powerful than actual orders. Increasing our reach to customers is a phenomenal way to increase business. During covid our main reach was social media. Which is still our number one way to reach our customers. We make daily posts to keep our supporters updated and engaged. What we love to see is that engagement from our customers, and it helps! Every share, every comment, like, and review helps us stand out and believe it or not, increases our likely hood of showing up on our supporter's news feeds. Those mean the world to us, and we take notice of those supporters who show their support in this way. We are even talking about bringing back top fans! (which was dropped during the pandemic with how crazy our personal lives got with all the changes)

No matter how you support us, it means the world to us. It's an affirmation of our work, and we love you all dearly.

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