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New challenges call for new ideas

The first week of 2021 has been completed, and the coffee is brewing as we start another day in our respective offices, and evolve our ideas on how to be a Better custom small business.

Jessie's morning is not complete without her Iced Coffee

This week has been a whirl of orders in progress, and new projects to add to our product lines for new platforms. These new platforms we will be utilizing to increase our reach to new areas, and new customers. Shows use to be a great way for us to gain new customers and sales in one day, but shows now have become a coin toss into the unknown. Do we go and increase our reach knowing that we will probably take a loss if attending shopper attendance is drastically less in numbers than the normal?

We are a business, after all, and a young small business at that. We do have to make financially smart decisions if we want to sustainably grow and make a paycheck (that's a whole blog on its own soon.) Which in the last year has been harder to do with the cancelation of shows and the growth in at-home creators who are now doing similar work as us. Don't get us wrong, we had amazing growth in the year 2020, but we knew it would have been much larger if our popular shows would have been able to happen. So we have to get more creative to come out ahead and keep our customers coming back. This left us looking into what we can add to Sweet Peach Designs that can make us different?

New Platform

The increase in at-home creators brought on new challenges but hidden in those challenges we found an opportunity. Most at-home creators buy what they need for their projects, and where do they get those items? We can't shape the steel needed for Tumblers or mass-produce our large turners efficiently, but we do hand make our own designs for the majority of our products. When we do need to use a premade design, we buy them...So why not also sell our handmade designs to those creators. After all our handmade shadowbox designs can take a week or longer to complete, why not sell the designs we worked so hard on. This prompted us to designate a large portion of our December into reading into Etsy and other places where mass amounts of At-home and small business creators go for their design purchases. Leading to the new addition of selling our handmade designs. Shadowboxes, Paper Flower Templates, SVG, and PNG art for cuts and sublimation will soon be available on Etsy.

Luna keeps Jessie warm as she works on some digital designs. Hammy is napping under the tree.

We're not giving up on our original products

This new platform does not mean we are done making custom orders, or stock designs, but it does give us an extra avenue to reach new customers and grow. Our joy comes from people appreciating the items we create, of all kinds, and our first love will always be handmaking those designs for customers and the experience we provide.

We value the Custom Experience

We also understand that some customers will want to have a truly custom piece. Handmade, and only available to them to use. We respect that full-heartedly. There is something about a one of a kind piece of art that brings joy to many. So as an option going further into custom orders on things like boxes, we will be adding the options for customers who want to keep their custom design completely theirs. After all, we are a custom company and the thoughts and ideas of our customers really matter to us. Without them, we would not be here.

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