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Top free ways to support your favorite local businesses

Small businesses are the pride of cities and towns. There's just something different about buying from a small local business that just can not be beaten by a large chain. It's either a mom-and-pop store, a local farm-to-table restaurant, custom merchandise and creators, artists, or one of the many other types of small local businesses. The chances are that your experiences with these small businesses far beat out what is offered at chains, especially in customer service. No phone calls to customer service numbers with waiting times, no passing the buck, or attempting to find the right department. We are all those departments and more. Our business reputation rides on our ability to provide top-notch services and experiences, keeping customers wanting to come back and continuously support the life of our business.

The struggle is real

We know that sometimes that comes at a premium price, and even though most small businesses can work with customers on budgets, sometimes products and budgets just do not meet up. Often even I have to support fellow small business owners from the sidelines. Especially in today's world as we all overcome the hardships of 2020. Small business owners understand this and want you all to know that you can do things to help support our business, efforts, and talents that cost nothing to you other than a few seconds.

Our favorite top ways to support us for Free:

  • Engage with our social media posts. Social media is a huge part of the growth of our business, and many other small businesses. Many of the social media sites use algorithms to manage what shows up on your feeds on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Interacting with us boosts our appearance percentages on our follower's pages on those sites. The more people interact with us, the more people see our posts and can see what new and amazing things have been happening. You can do this by:

  • Liking Posts

  • Sharing Posts allows your friends to see our work and helps build our Peach Family.

  • Commenting on Posts. We love to interact with our Peach Fam supporters. We want to hear from you and know what you think.

  • Watch and react to our Stories.

  • Engage with our Events. When we make an event for our social media it's another easy way to let our Peach Fam know when and where we will be. This allows for personal interactions, order pick-ups, and a chance to browse some of the products you view online in person (because in person is always so much better.) We thank you all how have come out to events this year and stopped in to say "Hi". As with our posts, interacting with our events will allow more people to see. If they are going to that event already, it lets them know that we will be there and we would love to get to see you.

  • Select your attendance. A "going", or a "maybe" will show others that you are interested and want to see us. Even a "not going" is good, followed up with a comment so we can let you know that we will miss you and can't wait to see you later.

  • Share the event. If you can make it or can't sharing our event helps others see what's happening locally.

  • Attend the event. Even if it's window shopping we love to see our Peach Fam and getting to talk to you.

  • Post a pic at our event! Posting a pic of you at the event in the Pop-up Peach Shop and tagging our page reminds people that were are out in about in person if they have time to stop by.

  • Leave us a review. Customer testimony to our products and customer service is in Jessie's words " a chef's kiss" to our name. This lets potential new customers know what to expect when working with us for their potential purchases. Reviews help drive our confidence as well. Even if you don't have one of our products, you can still leave a review on how your experience was on inquiries and interactions.

  • Tag us in a pic of your product. If you get or have a product from us post a pic of it on your page and tag our business page! This lets other people see and learn more about your experience with us and potentially grow our Peach Fam.

  • Instagram support small business sticker. If you have us on your Instagram you can add a picture of you and/or your product and add the support small business sticker to it with our name!

  • Subscribe to our Newsletter and/or blog. We launched the new and improved blog and newsletters this year. Blogs give a more behind-the-scenes look and let our personalities shine. Newsletters let subscribers know what new products are being launched and any new info that we want to share. Sometimes there will even be subscriber-only discounts and first looks.

  • Word of mouth and social media recommendations. Tell all your friends and family about where you got that amazing mug, tumbler, keychain, flower arrangement, or shadowbox. Shamelessly spread the word, they might end up loving us as much as you do!

  • Ask us questions! Either in messenger or on our pages and posts. Others might have the same question and seeing our interactions can not only give some answers but make them feel more comfortable in opening up further interaction with us.

Remember everything helps

Supporting us with any of the above methods, or purchases not only helps us continue to grow our business, but we feel so happy when you interact with us. We look forward to those interactions, especially after last year. Even if you feel like you can't support us with purchases, there are things you can do for free.

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