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Tools of The Trade for Jessie Part One

Every artist has their favorite tools that they use to create their masterpieces. Some tools are more of what you would think an artist would use. Paint brushes, pencils, erasers, paints, etc. I will be showing you some of the tools I use daily in this blog.

Paint Brushes

I use various types of brushes. I go by what type of texture I feel I will need for what I'm going for on the cup and choose the brush based on that. If I want a more soft blotchy look then I use a sponge or sponge brush, woodgrain tumblers I use the brushes I have pictured below that have more various lengths of bristles to give it a more grain look. Small details require fine detail brushes that are soft and can come so small as to have only like three bristles in it. That may be an exaggeration but honestly it looks like it.

Cutting and Weeding

As you probably know, we both own Cricuts. We design and create our projects and then have the cricut cut out our project. We then have the daunting task of weeding and sometimes adjust cutting. I use my weeding tool, exacto knife and my new found obsession, self healing cutting mat. I feel like the exacto knife is pretty self explanatory. There is a flat blade razor that you can swap out when it gets dull, I do have a ton of extra blade because I not only use this for trimming vinyl but I use it to clean up the resin off of cups! The weeding tool is a pointed hook that you use to pick up the extra pieces of vinyl that will not be in your final vinyl image. It can also be used to scratch paint off of a very small spot you didn't want paint to be on! My new matt is great for protecting my desk from getting more scratches in it...and paint.......maybe resin...I'm a mess ok.

More Cutting...

One more important thing I use are my scissors! I have three pairs in my office. Currently my third pair are in my box for a show. My orange pair are my absolute favorite. They were a pretty penny but in my personal opinion, they are absolutely worth it for an avid crafter. Fiskars brand is the only brand of craft scissor I use. Not sponsored. I have gone through many scissors in my crafting life and they are the only ones that have held up and stayed sharp. A satisfying short video is to come of my orange pair of scissors gliding through a piece of 110lb cardstock.

Transfer Tape

In order to put decals onto cups, or anything really, I need to use transfer tape. You have probably seen this tape on decals you have ordered to put on your car. It usually is clear with grid lines on it. You peel it off the backing along with your decal and apply it to the surface you want your sticker. Then you use a credit card or the like to press any air bubbles out and then peel the transfer tape off revealing the finished car decal! It's the exact same process for applying my decals to cups except I go further and apply a coat of resin over top after I remove the transfer tape to seal in the decal.

These are only a few tools of my trade. I will let you in on a few more in future posts. For now I need to get back to more work for the Medina show coming up on the 25th! I'll have a lot of new cup designs and fall themed tumblers!!

Talk at ya next week Peach Fam!


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