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The New Year, The New Goals

We did it, another calendar year in the books and another year of firsts for our brand. While 2020 did have its challenges, we learned to adapt as everyone did. Our business plan had to change a bit to fit the new "normal-for-now" life styles.

Goodbye shows. We had invested in large shows for the 2020 year, IX-Center, and had great hopes for those shows. We also had DIY nights in the works at local vineyards, but those didn't happen and our spirits were a little crushed. We spent time scrambling with ideas on how to reach new customers and expand our brand name, and ended up focusing on just getting what we can done and utilizing those efforts to build a foundation for those changes for the new 2021 year. This year we are still undecided as to what to do with shows. Outdoor shows are looking more favorable so were hoping that this summer we can return with some of our favorite Hosts and bring back a few in-person options to you all.

Top Fans and emails have fallen between the cracks and we hope to bring those back. All part of the adjustments at Sweet Peach Designs LLC this past year. Jessie worked much more at her day job than we anticipated, and full time virtual learning with Ashley's kindergartener taking most of her working time. These adjustments made our goals for this year backslide. But we are confident with the few new changes we've made that we will be able to get everything where we want it to be in 2021.

We have a few new ideas we are going to try to implement this year to bring more personal touches, and better shopping experiences for our customers. We plan to finally launch our website store, an etsy for design files and stock, and payment plans for larger orders that our invoicing service now offers, as well as bringing back emails, blogs, daily posts, more lives, focuses for the season. Maybe we will even finally get to monthly flower challenges, and tutorials/DIY kits. Our goals are always increasing to bring you all new amazing experiences with us and grow our Sweet Peach family.

So as we start implementing these changes over the next few months we want to thank each and everyone of you for the support you've shown. The understanding, and the excitement we've felt over our growth in 2020 was astounding even with all the set backs. As a small business it really means the world to us as we grow. And we hope that you continue to give us the love and support in the New Year while we find our footing, and start bringing you more and better products and services.

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