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Show Week Showdown!

Our first show since 2019 is this weekend and we are in a frenzy getting final touches on everything! Ashley is getting wreaths finished and Jessie is hauling butt on decals and finishing cups.

We do a last minute count on everything we will need to take with us for the show. Banner, tables, chairs, cooler, price tags, zip ties, kitchen sink, etc. Most shows Jessie stays the night at Ashley's house to do last minute crunch on anything that needs finished and packing.s a

We have a bright, beautiful, early morning ahead of us! We don our matching SPD shirts and get to packing the last of our things in the cars. We make a pitstop at Dunkin to grab our large coffees because you know its a necessity. Then we're on our way to the venue and arrive for setup!

This year setup starts at 7:30Am. We usually nominate the husbands to help in the mornings with carrying our merch and tents. Then they help with setup and we send them off with love. This is when Ashley and Jessie can get down to layout and display building of the booth.

Everything has a place on the tables. We make sure the flow of our merchandise makes sense and is easy to follow. We have upgraded to higher sitting shelves so people don't have to bend over as much to look at everything that is displayed. We also have upgraded our price tagging so it's easier for everyone to see the price on each product.

We have made it a point to attend various craft shows to look at other vendors booths from a customers perspective. What we liked about one booth and what we didn't like about another and what we could add or take away from our own display at the next show to make it more appealing for guests.

We like doing our research and developing new layouts from a customers perspective. Shows have always been our favorite thing about our small business. After a show we generally drop off whatever is Ashley's at her house and then Jessie goes home and we both crash and sleep. 😂

Show days can be long and sitting out in the heat for six hours trying to sell your products can be exhausting. Never the less we persist and feel joy and excitement when anyone asks us about our handmade products.

We love getting to meet everyone we make our crafts for and never get tired of hearing how much you adore your gifts we have made.

Thats what makes shows an absolute thrill and worth the pre-stress crunch showdown we go through the week before.


Come see us this weekend!!! 😁💜


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