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Product Photography

Happy Friday ya'll! Another long awaited weekend is ahead of us which means I have time to take some product photos!

Some of you may know this about me already but I used to do a lot of photography and originally intended on starting my own photography business years ago. I even have a Facebook where I posted a lot of my work that is now sadly neglected. I ,unfortunately, am more of an introverted individual on my own and knew that in order to do this type of work you kind of had to be a one on one people person. So, my small dream of photography went by the wayside and I was left with quite a bit of photography equipment.

If you look back at some of the cup photos you will probably notice how the angles and lighting have improved. Well, that's because I had completely forgot that I had all of this equipment just laying around in my garage! I got out all of my lighting equipment excitedly and also saying to myself

"You're such a bozo, why didn't you remember you had all this at your disposal?! My photos are gonna look so bomb now!"

Yep, that's how I talk to myself. Now that I type it out it sounds a little cringey, not going to lie. I am going to insert a few pictures of what my setup looks like and the end results of my product photos. I warn you it does look like a chaotic mess looking from the outside. It always does when you have to position a bunch of lights for the perfect photo of a product. Especially when your product is high gloss like my cups or glass objects.


This is the setup I use. Two shoot through umbrella lights and two soft box lights. Right now I just have a large piece of faux fur as a backdrop to sit products on. I plan to eventually get more backgrounds and props to add more fun to the product photos.

This kit I got off of amazon and honestly the type of lighting from the two different lights is similar. Both give a soft smooth light on the subject.

I could get a reflective umbrella and it would give a more sparkly effect but I like to keep my photography as simple and accurate to original as possible. You'll notice I have the one box light high up and that is so I have a light straight down on top of the subject. I make sure the product is fully incased in light so it is fully lit up.

Pic of faux fur with just ceiling light on. No photography lights. Fur looks dark, barely any details show through.

Picture of just the faux fur with all photography lights on and no ceiling light. You can see all the detail.


Final Product shots!

I use my Android phone for photos. I do have a Nikon D3200 Camera but using my phone makes posting to social media more streamline. I do very little editing, if any, been as these are just my personal products.

There you go! Some behind the scenes of my product photography!

Have a great weekend Peach Fam!



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