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Meet The Owners/Artist: Ashley Luke

Hi! It's me Ashley, the other half of Sweet Peach Designs LLC, and I guess after a few years in business we never really talked about ourselves. So we are fixing that now! After all, what is a small business without the relationships of owners and customers?

I'm *cough cough* 30 years old, and I love creativity and art (both visual and performing.) I play a variety of instruments and meddle in many art forms. I actually met some of the most important people in my life in the All-Ohio-State-Fair-Youth-Choir and the traveling Cardinal Chorale. Those people would include my husband Derrick, who was a Bass 2 (Low C club), and I the Soprano 2. We met in 2007, and became close friends in 2008, eventually leading to dating in 2009. Same time as Jessie and Brad! I also knew Brad (Jessie's husband) before I knew her, he was in the choir with us as well (Baritone.) Jessie was in the choir too, but not at the same time as I. The picture on the left is us on one of our week-long traveling tours singing across Ohio and some of Michigan, this particular one at Loveland Castle. On the right, you'll see Derrick in the brown shirt, me in a white and green tank, and Brad hiding behind me in the red shirt. The picture on the Right is our last year signing at the State Fair, we miss those days and the experiences and people have shaped my life in ways I cannot describe.

I'm a Wife

Derrick and I got married on October 27th, 2012. It was Peacock themed, mostly because I love the colors. I made all the corsages, and bouquets. (though not with paper at that time since I hadn't even tried paper flowers until Jessie's wedding in 2017.) It was at the Tudor House and was supposed to be outside in front of the beautiful lake and arches, but it rained. Luckily it stopped long enough to get a few good outdoor pictures. We're going on 9 years of marriage this year, and being together for 11. He's so supportive of our business, both our husbands are.

I'm a Mother

After a long journey, we welcomed our daughter into the world. She has been our greatest and hardest adventure. Now she helps me around the office, gets creative in her own space to make her own crafts, and even gives me ideas for products. We are a family that loves to do things together, go on adventures, play board games, and have fun being silly.

I'm a Friend and partner

The second most terrifying thing I have ever done would be this business venture. I knew I wanted to do something for myself eventually and even went to school for it. But I am terrible at making decisions for myself, and it took not only my husband but one of my best friends and soon-to-be (now) business partner to get me to jump. Going into business is hard enough, try doing that with a friend who you value. But it makes us stronger, and it helps to have that extra person to help make decisions, and also lets me be my awkward silly self, which I very much appreciate.

Well, that's it for now. I have to get ready to pick up the little missy from Day Camp!

Until Later Peach Fam!


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