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Its The Day! Now what do we do again?!

When we say that we were excited for shows to return, we really were not kidding. The night before we stayed up working on last-minute designs that we wanted to make. Loading up boxes so that it maximized set up efficiency and packing up cars so that we didn't have to do it in the morning. I know that previously we said we'd never neglect sleep again before a show, but that's not how it works lol. We try to get to bed at a decent hour, but sometimes, we remember we have last-minute must-dos and we stay up longer to get those completed. This time we didn't make it to bed till 2 am. Jessie soldiered off after finishing some decal labels, and I had to quickly finish mugs and our new QR codes available at our booth.


The morning of the show arrived and we sleepily met up to finish packing what wouldn't fit in Ashley's vehicle into Jessies and our helper for the day Val, Jessie's sister-in-law. With our expanding product lines, we have bigger space needs, which means more stuff to haul.

The Husbands and Athena come along as well since we need as much help setting up as we can get.

Usually set up is easy. Jessie and I will get done with time to spare which usually ends up with us taking a moment to meet our neighbors. NOT THIS TIME! It was like we forgot our process. We got the tents up and Jessie and I looked at each other, and all the folded up tables, and boxes of precious stock. What do we tackle next again? Oh yeah, weigh down the tents, wait, or was it secure the side panels? Oh our banner, yeah our banner. Why are the tables over here again? It's windy, how did we keep our decals from blowing away again? It was a confusing mess. I also forgot the chalk for our signs...Never the less we got it figured out. Made what changes we needed to best highlight products and grab our customer's attention. We did it though. It wasn't as polished as we usually like, but we got the swing back by the end of the day.

What we love seeing is those empty spaces on our setup at the end of the day. All those spaces once held products that are now off with their new owners.

I am also just now realizing that the one table cloth is very crooked... well okay then.

The show went AMAZING!

As the show time starts we get the first customers, usually we don't get our first sale until about an hour into the show, and then it just keeps going. We were so excited that we keep seeing a steady growth in our sales even with the year break. That lets us know that even with the increase of at-home creators during covid, and the lack of shows, that we are still valuable in our craft areas, and wanted! We do a little dance after every sale and make a note in our stock tracker to let us know what's really popular at what shows. It makes us so happy to know we haven't lost touch with our customer base.

We promise we are excited here were also very tired.

See you all at the next show!

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