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It's Show Time!

It is crazy to think that it has been a whole year since our last pop-up event. We remember our last show of 2019. It was at the new Ellet Community Learning Center, and it was our best show to date (our second year of shows!)

Look at all those amazing products! It's the best local show we do just before Christmas, and we basically sold out completely. It was an amazing feeling, even if we are still trying to catch up on new stock lol. Which is not a bad problem for a small business. We cannot wait to go back this year (fingers crossed it comes back!)

Our First Show

Our first show was a doozy, and we didn't exactly know what we were getting ourselves into. We figured our business would do them as a way to fill the need for in-person contact for customers since our business could manage without a brick and mortar location at first (hopefully one day!) Well, just so happened one of our amazing Nicole (creator and owner of Yarn with Love on Facebook) got us in at a craft show in her work building for super cheap. We needed that to get a good feel for what we would need to do going forward.

However, this show was also the Saturday the day after our together trip to Chicago to see the band Walk off The Earth. Both were important to us, and well, we did what any sane (or insane) new business owners would do. Both? Both is good. while the husbands take turns driving we would catch up on what we could in portable products and sleep. Now, I don't remember if we asked our husbands if this was okay or if we just told them this is what we were doing (the latter is probably closer to what happened.) So we went to Chicago super early Friday morning, enjoyed the city, and enjoyed the amazing music of one of my favorite bands at night. Also, I felt very old, and I'm pretty sure I complained a dozen times about random things during the concert "it's too loud" "Why are there no chairs for old people like me" "who let all these kids in without ear protection". That's me, I'm this person now...

It was super late already when the show let out, but we still had about a 6-hour long drive. So Jessie and I settled in to the back, passed out and the boys took turns driving, until the last 2 hours I took over so they could get some sleep. Needless to say, we arrived back in town at about 4 am, 3 hours before our first show. Who needs sleep right? Never again will we attempt such craziness. Never!

We have come such a long way

At this point, we have come such a long way from that first show. Yes, last year was a setback. We had such big shows lined up and now they will never be able to happen due to venues going under with covid losses. That doesn't mean we won't be able to keep growing, we just have to work back up and find new shows that fit our niche. One of which is a favorite of ours that we keep going back to year after year. The Heart & Home Marketplace shows were the first show where we felt the fit. It was the third show we ever did and has continually been some of our favorites.

Not only was the crowd a good fit, but so were the other vendors. Many of which took us under their wing and gave us amazing tips on proper setup to grab attention, to giving us information on other good local shows that would fit us perfectly. When you find your fit in this community they have your back, from watching your booth when you need to leave to sharing their food truck french fries because you want to eat one, but not a whole order. I mean look at the difference in our setups from our first show, to our last Heart & Home event at the Lavender Harvest Market at Maize Valley Winery in 2019, and our first-ever outside show in August 2018. These ladies gave us so much advice and believed in our business.

Gone are the day of those Peach colored shirts, and the aprons now are used to protect our clothes when working with extra messy products. We have new shirts now, thanks to another small business friend Amy at Awebee Designs. It really takes a village of connections to grow this kind of business, and it's all healthy competition and support. That's important in this line of work.

It's Show Time!

Now we are a few days away from our first show since the lockdowns, and a year's worth of restrictions have been lifted. We've gotten what stock we can done, and though it's never as much as we'd hoped for (because there is always more we wanted to get done) we have enough to fill 2 tents worth with our amazing products and space to comfortably navigate around our area. We look forward to seeing all the returning faces, and new ones. We look forward to the community and happy giddy feelings Jessie and I get when we arrive the morning of, and start to process of setting up. So stop by and say HI this Saturday at the Lavender Harvest Fest at Maize Valley Winery from 10 am-4 pm!

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