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Inside the Office: Preshow Ashley Chaos

As we get ready for the next show of our summer lineup, my office looks crazy. The storage area is awry, packing material that was once neatly packed into boxes (though precariously) is bunched into areas on the floor and on to empty shelves.

This is the disarray that is the half of the storage area in Ashley's office area (more shelves are inbound soon since we are outgrowing this space as well.) Tissue paper all over, air packers falling out of boxes. Luckily the packing paper is still secure in one of the boxes I saved from the days my daughter was in diapers (we reuse as many boxes and packing materials as we can!) (also, we love to take donated packing supplies, foam, air packers, good bigger or longer unlabeled boxes.)

Usually, between shows, I manage to get the boxes, bins, and crates into those empty spaces and stock stacked neatly for easy access. But between the last show and this show was my daughter's birthday, holiday celebrations, and many family gatherings, so I left things where they ended up during the unloading process.

Crates full of shadowboxes, tablecloths, boxes of mugs, and glass etchings, bins of bags, and our portable office supplies. Do you spy that bag of zip ties and the black clothesline? Those are emergency must-haves for shows. (we will eventually do a blog on the must-haves for shows for those who ask.) But this helps to keep things from flying around or better secure things. You never have enough zip ties or rope. We actually added small Bungie cords to our supplies as well, and essential must-have snacks.

Amidst all this, the worst-hit area is the desks. Not only does my mess take over my whole desk, but it creeps into my husband's as well. We both have big desks and it's still not enough lol. Even when my desk is clean, my projects take up a lot of space at one time like bouquets or wreaths where there are numerous big piles of paper flowers in various stages of completion.

Yeah, it's not pretty, and it drives me (and my husband) nuts but the time before a show is crazy. Wine glasses being prepped for etching, sublimation mugs being measured for sizing, card bits, tape measures, bits of paper flowers being prepped for wreaths, books being prepped for rustic book decor, wipes for cleaning my fingers between colors, bottle of water for brushes, sticky notes, and note pads all over. Luckily after this weekend's show, I have a small break so I'll be able to get things cleared up and neatly organized again before starting orders and the next show.

Hopefully, the next blog will be filled with my office properly organized, but this is just my normal pre-show chaos.

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