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Hocus Pocus Claw Tumbler Tutorial

I'm just going to get right into it folks! These are the things you need!

  1. Blank cup

  2. Two part FDA compliant epoxy

  3. White glitter of your choice

  4. White acrylic or spray paint

  5. Printer inkjet or laser is fine

  6. Clear sealer (only if you are using inkjet printer)

  7. Waterslide decal paper (make sure it specifies it is for your printer type!)

  8. Bowl of lukewarm water

  9. Paper towels

  10. Scissors

  11. Cup turner

Step One!

Paint your tumbler with the white paint you chose and make sure it dries completely. You may need to put a second layer of paint on.

Step Two!

Mix epoxy according to manufactures directions and apply a very thin coat onto prepped tumbler.

Step Three!

Take the white glitter of your choice and cover your epoxied tumbler with the glitter. Be sure to tap off excess glitter when finished. You can then hang or set your tumbler to dry completely. (The next day)

Step Four!

While waiting for cup to dry you can go ahead and size your image to your cup. I usually make the image match the length of the tumbler for this one been as it is supposed to look like a Claw can. Then load your waterslide paper into the printer and print your images!

Step Five! (For people using Inkjet Printers!!)

You must wait for the image to completely dry and then take it outside and spray it with a clear sealer spray. I used to use Rust-Oleum Triple Thick if you can find it but recently I've only been able to find their ultra cover 2x clear which works just as well. DO AT LEAST TWO COATS. This is what protects the ink from running off of your waterslide and waterslide as you will find out, is not cheap!

Step Six!

Its the next day! Mix another round of resin and coat the entire cup with epoxy and keep it spinning on the turner. If you are using fast set, in about six to eight hours you can hopefully do another coat of resin! Yay!

Step Seven!

We check to see if there are any bumps on the tumbler and if its tacky still! If either of these are true you must sand and re-coat with epoxy if bumpy or if tacky you must wait until it becomes less tacky which is at least another hour. Woo!

Step Eight!

Hopefully the tumbler is finally smooth enough and not tacky so you can apply your waterslides! Cut out your waterslides and get a big cup or bowl of lukewarm water. Dunk the cut out image into the water and let sit for about 30 seconds or until you start to notice the edges lifting. Go slowly and hold onto the edges of your image as you lift it out if the water and wet your cup. Then put the image with the backing still on it, backing onto the cup. Slide the image off the backing and onto the cup. The water you added to the cup beforehand will help you position the image where you want it.

Step Eight!

Take a soft tissue or paper towel and gently use it and your finger to push the air bubbles and excess water out from under the image. This will also help press out any wrinkles you may have. Waterslide can be tricky and you sometimes need to have a lot of patience. Its likes to fold over on itself and crease and wrinkle.

Step Nine!

After the images have dried and you have pressed as many air bubbles out as you can, you add more epoxy to seal! After this you just add epoxy until the finished surface is smooth! Clean up the rim and make sure you have no dried resin on the inside of the tumbler and youre finished!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


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