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Getting Back on Track

Getting back into the swing of things has been hard this year. Resuming some semblance of the forward momentum we had before covid came with many bumps for us like many others. Taking a year off from shows really took a toll on how we enjoyed our business. We missed the familiar faces of customers who keep coming back time and time again. We couldn't put our personalities out there to attract new customers who love the extra personal touch we provide.

Imposter syndrome also took root in my work. How do I keep improving and changing my products to keep them different from what is out there? Is what I do good enough? is anyone really going to want this? How do I keep balancing life, work, and trying to grow a business? Should we give up? These can be a tremendous weight when trying to motivate creativity.

Luckily we have a system to help us out when we get stuck in those slumps. That just happens to be each other. We find ways to boost each other's creativity and take the reigns when the other is out of steam. It's one of the best things about this partnership. Coffee also doesn't hurt either.

Getting Organized

The first step in trying to wrangle those thoughts for us is to reorganize. Not just mentally, but literally. Changing up layouts, going through old stock, even changing out lightbulbs in our offices helped to boost our creative flow and output. In the process, we also recovered forgotten items that we hadn't gotten to because (in my case) it gets lost in the plethora of new finds and stock storage. Literally, lost and then forgotten,

just like these succulent globes we purchased a few years back that I found while re-organizing in the storage room in my office. (you'll get a tour of my office later on, when its not a pre-show disaster)

Making a Schedule

Another thing we had attempted to do numerous times during 2020 was to create a sort of schedule. The attempts didn't stick and we ended up taking a hit in our social media due to it. No biggie, but seeing as how social media was our only way to reach new customers since shows were off for that year did slow our growth. Our place in Facebook's algorithm for our clients took a nosedive when we didn't keep up our postings at the right time.

Thank goodness that we do this together and not alone. Jessie took a whole day last week while recovering to work out a solid schedule for our posts, blogs, and lives.

Mondays we usually get together for a morning Hike at the Kendall Lake Trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Parks, which doubles as order/product exchanges and business breakfast meetings at some of our favorite local breakfast joints. Shout out to the Blue Door Cafe in the Falls and Micheals AM in the Valley. Where we bust out computers and my old school notebooks to jot down new ideas and plans for the coming months.

This new schedule perfectly divides daily duties for us and the ability to plan ahead for whatever we will want to share on our days. PLUS, a weekly live show to reconnect with all our followers.

We just can't wait to get back into the swing. Reconnect with you all, and feel proud of our work we put forth both in products and as faces of our business.

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