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Change can be Good

Change has come in a lot of forms lately for all of us. This pandemic has done a number on us as a society and for some businesses it was what pushed them into closing their doors forever.

We were fortunate. Although we get a significant following, orders and immediate income from craft shows, we were able to change our attention and dynamic to our online face.

We did some updates to our website and did a major haul on our daily uploads on our facebook page. Analytics is a difficult thing to nail down on social media. We have to be able to track the most active times of the day for the page, what gets the most interactions and try to engage as many followers as possible just to be able to continue to show up on your news feeds.

So we changed. We have been changing. Recently we have been getting back on track with post schedules and blogging. Adapting to active times of the day for posts and trying to keep our blogs going up at a consistent time every Tuesday and Friday. It has been working!

Maybe you have noticed that you're seeing more of us recently? Analytics does that. There is a lot more to running a business than a lot of people think. It can be challenging and sometimes we have to bust out the thinking caps and change.

We've been posting more to our Instagram. We're still working on our website. Product detail has been improving and we strive to find a better way to make our merchandise. We change some of the components to make the end result better and our customers happier.

We've been growing and have seen so many new faces and names pop up on our page. We want to welcome you all to our Sweet Peach Family. We're happy to have you here with us and hope you can embrace everything that is to come from our small business.

As we grow, we change and change can be good.

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