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Behind the Scenes: Jessie's Office/Craft Room Edition


My office used to be an extra bedroom in our house. My husband helped me paint, remove carpet, lay foam padding and more in here.


He helped me remove one of the bifold doors so this closet could become a storage area! This is where I keep my vinyl, blank cups, extra hot glue guns, finished stock cups and anything else I have collected that might be needed by either me or Ashley.

You name it, I probably have it!


Of course, no office is complete without a pup! Luna is my quality control coordinator and snuggle specialist. No cup goes un-pup-approved in this house!


The Beast. This turner and I have a love hate relationship. Some days it works and gives the chefs kiss of beautiful work. Other days it doesn't want to spin correctly and makes a groaning sound so terrible it's as if I forced a five year old to clean their room.



This is my glitter wall. I need more shelves because I have recently received even more beauties to put up. I'm thinking of doing some glitter videos soon. We'll see!


This is my computer space and cricut cutting area. We're currently working out a plan to get rid of the desk and move down to just using my surface to maximize space in the office. It may look big from photos but I promise it's pretty cramped in here!


This space over here holds all of my alcohol inks, my printer, various types of paper, paints and more. Im in the process of rearranging the items on the shelves and will eventually have all of my acrylic paint stored on the top shelf. I have an old utility cart that holds my laser printer and all of the various papers I use for crafting. Recently the bottom has been vacated, so now I can store something else down there!


Last important piece of my space is my google home mini that my parents got me. It plays my music and podcasts while I work and I can even make phone calls with it! It has been a great addition to my office space. No, this is not a paid promotion. I just really love the thing!

(Yes, that is one of our three cats in the picture on my wall 😂)


I hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes tour of my office space! This is where I spend a lot of my time. I am very grateful to have it and be able to share it with all of you!

Stay tuned for more blogs in the future as we are currently working out a real schedule for them. You can expect them on Tuesdays and Fridays every week!

Thanks for joining me 💜


Sweet Peach Designs LLC

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