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Anxiety, Depression, and a Business...Oh My!

Anxiety and depression are thankfully becoming more of an acceptable topic in our society. Unfortunately the stigma still sticks even if we are talking more about it.

That being said

Hi, My name is Jessie and I have depression and anxiety. I have always been anxious, thoughts constantly running in my head and always worried. Worried about what people thought, worried about letting people down, worried about made up scenarios that obviously would never happen......but what if they did?

So yea it took me a long time to finally talk to my doctor about it. I actually only started taking care of my mental health about four years ago. Starting out with the business terrified me as well. I coerced Ashley into answering business emails and messages for me for the first almost month because I was too anxious.

The thoughts kept trickling in

"What if they think I'm charging too much?"

"Is this even good enough to sell?"

"They haven't responded in 5 minutes. They obviously think my price is rediculous. I need to rethink this."

As time went on I got more comfortable and Ashley and I really lean on each other for support when either of us get anxious. Shows were super uncomfortable for me at first but now they're my favorite thing to do in the summer and fall! Some people end up liking you and some people end up thinking your weird and that's ok, you'll probably never see them again!

My depression comes in when I let my anxiety take over. I've learned practice makes perfect and to let the small things go.

I go through depressive slumps with my work too.

There will be days sometimes even weeks where I don't want to work on any of my projects. Luckily, I have a great support system between my husband, friends and family that lift me up and I eventually get inspired again.

I work as a Dental Assistant and a lot of times I come home and am too tired to work on business projects. Thats pretty normal for most people I'm sure but then I start to feel guilty that I'm not working hard enough or that I have orders that need finished or posts that need scheduled. I end up thinking about it constantly until my next day off and I end up working in the office from 9AM to sometimes Midnight.

As funny as this might sound to some people it's a frantic part of life for me and I have since taken steps to alleviate the stress. Sometimes it's ok to focus on yourself for awhile because it shows in the work you produce.

My art has gotten better, I'm happier and a lot more outgoing than I used to be and we run on a schedule that keeps both Ashley and I sane.

Now I will attempt to keep the schedule as well as I can while on vacation at Disney 😂

Enjoy your weekend friends!

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