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A word from the office: What to know for Christmas Orders.

We turn our office calendars to August. While that means we are closer to loved fall walks along leafy paths, roaring fall campfires with toasted marshmallows, and hoodie season while still getting away with wearing flipflops, for Jessie and Ashley at Sweet Peach Designs LLC, this is the time we publicly shout "NOW TAKING CHRISTMAS ORDERS!"

It's so early though?!

Last year we were lucky enough to have had over 100 orders for Christmas. This is AMAZING for us, particularly with the lack of shows due to covid. We love every order and we get so happy when we make a sale we literally dance. We take pride in our work and bits of our heart go out with each order. However, that's 100 orders to complete between the 2 of us in 1-2 months. Most of our orders for Christmas come in during October. This gives Jessie and me 4-6 weeks to get orders out in time to arrive with possible shipping delays (which we expect to be similar to last year's shipping). So we want the orders to come in earlier if possible for our customers so we have plenty of time to perfect and ship those products.

Which Products does this apply to?

Particularly Tumblers, since tumblers can take Jessie 2-4 weeks depending on the difficulty of the design and how the resin is sealing. Sometimes a cup with glitter will take more layers to be at the level of perfection we strive for in our products (glitter likes to soak up resin) Plus we have to allow for a proper cure on the resin to be FDA safe by our brand specifications.

The same goes for Shadowboxes. Especially if this design will have to be new. Ashley hand designs all the Shadowbox parts, and sometimes those details can take a while, including trial and error for very small details. Did you know she has to cut all those small details by hand! Her maker does the big stuff, but for her clean cuts, she uses her Exacto knife and numerous blades. Her pre-designed boxes can be put together quickly though, like the deer in the woods, or Santa over the town.

Ornaments and sublimated coffee mugs are generally okay to order until the end of November. If you're lucky (meaning Ashley has completed enough already), you might be able to get an order in early December. We usually make around 100 or so ornaments a year. Bulbs are fast, mugs are fast, tile and paper ornaments take a little more time, generally a few days. This is the same for smaller products like keychains, tree banners, pens, badge reels, and decals. Etchings as well depending on the order size and if it needs to be shipped.

As for flowers. Unless you get that order in by October, or she has enough stock, Ashley will not be able to get flower orders done. Flowers take a lot of time and patience, hand coloring and curling each petal to get the exact look needed can take days. Just wait until she releases the Crepe Paper Flowers. Luckily Ashley has a bit of stock left and is working on more weekly. Wreaths are stocked and Christmas ones are underway.

Kids Craft Kits will have a designated order and shipping time frame. Once those are open and closed thats it for that season's kit.

We're always honest with customers about timelines.

Last year we had to turn orders away in November because there was just no way for us to get them done with the current order lineup. We hate to turn away orders, but we also have to be honest with what the two of us can accomplish during the months of November and December with our own personal schedules. We also do this for the customer's peace of mind. We understand the stress that comes from placing an order and hoping that it comes in on time for when you need it. We don't want our customers to stress if their order will make it on time.

We have a list, and we check it twice (honestly more)

We have our orders in a list, First paid first served. We plan on giving people updates on their product a little differently this year to help ease those order worries and to let you know where your order is in the line-up. This is where your invoice number will come in handy for those with invoices. This way it keeps you updated without having to worry about asking us for an update. As usual, once we start your order we are in touch the whole time as we complete steps. Unless you've ordered a stock design and have not gotten personalization. We can get 30 orders in August and 40 in October, that's a lot of orders to get done and we do our best to be fair and efficient. They will all get done on time, we promise!

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